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In order to secure your transport safely, our sworn road safety authorities can access a modern fleet of best equipped vehicles.


Depending on the official requirements, we offer:


Escort class 1: Trained driver with a vehicle, equipped with two yellow flashing lights, the inscription "Sondertransport", radio,
telephone and security equipment.


Escort class 2: In accordance with § 97 para. 2 StVO, an accredited and expertly trained escort driver with a certified vehicle, equipped, with traffic guidance, vehicle and mobile radio, telephone and comprehensive safety related equipment.


Escort class 3: like escort class 2, but with 2 trained drivers with 2 certified escort cars


Escort class 4: Comprehensive coverage by an escort car from class 1, 2 escort cars from class 2 and 1 special trained driver, wich is allowed to use

blue flashing light.


Escort class BF3 (Germany, Swiss):Comprehensive backup support on all German and Swiss roads, including of course the
Specially and legally equipped and certified vehicles.


By the way: If you hear media reports of spectacular special transports with tunnel locks, motorway locks,
bridge reinforcements and so on, you can almost be sure that the GMC Eurogroup is there!
Our "know-how" is also in demand by our partners ..

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