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In Austria you can read in the KFG - law, wich are the regulary maximal avalibel dimensionsand weights: (in Germany you have nearly the same)


If your truck with his load is over this maximum dimensions or weights, you need an authorisation (permit) for the route you want to go

from the teritorial goverment. They will give the permit to you for paying fees and charges for it and they will put in the permit different conditions

like how many and wich kind of ecort car you need. Normaly it take us about 2 weeks to get a permit for you.



In your order we will do planing the transport route, road survey, ordering permit and registration's for Austria,

Germany (§§ 29,46,70 and TÜV), Swiss and if you need for the rest from EU!


That we have no delay for order permit, please use our form "Fahrzeugdatenblatt" at downloads!


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